Buyer Person Thinking Best Price Vs Quality Choosing PriorityQ: Why Home Security Systems Reviews?

A: Here’s why….

There are a lot of Home Security Systems on the Market Today. A Whole Lot! We want to help by providing you with information that can help you make a choice. We analyze the offerings from the best home security system providers we can find. We reviewed each of the best home security systems based on their flexibility and ability to meet your need for Home Security. Take a look at our About Us for more information.

Q: What Is the Difference Between DIY Installation and Professional Installation?

A: That is a vePHOTO-Do-It-Yourselfry good question. Larger companies like ADT and Vivant require customers to purchase alarm systems that must be installed by a professional. Also, these larger companies are generally much more expensive than other systems that make our review. The problem with professional installation, in our eyes, is that it cost more money. If you have a security system installed in your house by an industry professional, be prepared to pay an installation fee that will add to the total expense of your system.

DIY or Do-It-Yourself installation systems are generally cheaper because you do not need to hire someone to install the system for you. Some companies offer a choice between DIY installation and professional installation. Some of our top companies offer DIY installation, and believe me, it is nothing to worry about. These systems are simple to install and you can always ask a customer representative or review online tutorials if you have any question about the installation process. We like DIY installation procedures because they help to keep the overall cost down of your home security system. Also, DIY systems are customizable and you get to choose where to place the devices.

Cost pointer icon on white backgroundQ: How Much Does Home Security Cost?

A: That can be a difficult question to answer because every company offers a series of different Home Security plans. Some companies offer DIY Installation or Professional Installation. Every company has flexible options. Some companies offer FREE equipment. And every company has a different monthly service plan. Plans start at a few hundred dollars a year. Obviously, the more complicated the plan and the more services that are provided, the more expensive the plan will become. Please feel free to read our extensive reviews to find a plan that is right for you!

Thoughtful young worker over a white backgroundQ: Why Should I Buy A Home Security System?

A: Chances are that you already know the answer to this question, but you might be looking for assurance. We feel that you should buy a flexible home security plan that meets your needs to help protect your house against burglary. There are many amazing statistics when it comes to home burglaries. For example, did you know that nearly 75% of all burglaries, according to the FBI, happened in residential settings? For more information please read our blog.

Q: Are There Any Guarantees?

A: Yes! Nearly all the companies we rated offer satisfaction guarantees that range up to 6 months. The exception to this rule would be SimpliSafe because they are a NO-CONTRACT company. Check out our extensive reviews and decide for yourself what company best fits your needs. If the system does not meet your satisfaction, you can return it within the allotted period.

House with CCTV camera, house Security conceptQ: How Can I Purchase a Home Security System?

A: That is a great question! A great way to get started owning your own Home Security System is go to our Home Page and start reading our product reviews. When you find a product that meets your needs, you can click the Visit Site link provided within the review to go directly to the product’s website. From there, you can find even more information about the product and purchase that particular Home Security System if you find it’s the best fit for you.

Q: I am Looking for a Flexible Plan!

A: You need to check out Frontpoint. They are at the top of our list for being the most flexible company in the lot. Why is Frontpoint the most flexible company? Because they offer a DIY installation plan, wireless installation and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! Frontpoint also offers different security plans to choose from. They have a friendly customer service team that is ready to answer all of your Home Security Questions and even provide a Video Surveillance Feature. Find out for yourself by reading our review on them.

Wireless word cloudQ: What is Home Automation?

A:  Home Automation is when you can control features in your home remotely. What does that mean? Imagine being able to control the lights, door locks or even video surveillance system remotely or through the use of a tablet or smartphone, even if you are away on a business trip or vacation. One of our companies in review even offers automation features that help run your home more efficiently by cutting down your energy cost.

SmartphoneQ: Do Any of These Systems Offer Mobile Apps?

A: Yes! Mobile apps allow you to monitor your house and even arm and disarm your security system on the go. Some even have automation features that can control hardware in your home like a video surveillance system.

Q: How Do Home Security Systems Help Protect My Home?

A: Here again you might want to review our blog page for a more extensive explanation of this question. Home Security Systems have changed a lot in recent years and this is not an easy question to answer. How have they changed? Most of the great systems have become wireless and even use cellular technology to communicate with your service provider. Many now offer video surveillance features and come with mobile apps that allow you to use Smart Home automation technology to make changes to your security system remotely. For more information, view our blog page.

Closeup image of man using a mobile smartphoneQ: Can I Send You A Question?

A: YES. Please send us a question! We are always looking to improve our site. Have a suggestion? Want to see something reviewed? Interested to know if we have heard of another product? Go ahead and send us an email here.