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Frontpoint Security


Sometimes, the best home security company doesn’t have the longest company history. Why? The answer is simple — technology has revolutionized the way we think about home security. After being in business for just seven years, Frontpoint Security has established themselves as one of the leaders in the technology of home security. In addition, they offer a low cost solution, a 30 day risk free trial and exceptional customer service. For these reasons, Frontpoint Security review positions them as one of our top ranked security providers.

Feel free to open the Frontpoint website in a new tab right now to check out the latest information from this exciting company. Click here to learn more.

Frontpoint Security Reviews – Quick Overview:

  • One of the Best Home Security Systems
  • Multiple Monitoring Options
  • Affordable, Customizable Pricing Model
  • Most Helpful Customer Service
  • Technologically Advanced, Mobile Monitoring Capable
  • Live Video Monitoring
  • Easy Self-Install (DIY)
  • 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Equipment, Security Features and Technology Overview:

The heart of the Frontpoint security system is an advanced control panel from GE, the Simon XT panel. It can communicate with almost 40 sensors (39 to be exactly) to form a complete home security network. You can install the Simon XT control panel anywhere. Our preferred installation location was a counter top.

Frontpoint also offers a Touchscreen Control Panel which is something that most companies don’t provide. While a little more expensive, the larger touchscreen pad is remarkably easy to use (much easier than the basic model) and more advanced than most home security systems.

Frontpoint also uses a variety of sensors including both environmental sensors and intrusion detection devices. It’s an excellent all-around home security system that can alert you to exactly what’s happening in your home.

For basic needs, Frontpoint offers glass break, hallway / large room motion detect sensors and door & window sensors. You can also get cameras and a variety of other customizable options. Take a look at their website right now for more information. Frontpoint is constantly updating their sensor options—they are one of the most frequently updated brands on our list of home security system reviews.

Monitoring Options and Service:

Out of all the home security companies we reviewed, Frontpoint surpasses everyone in service and expertise. We’re impressed with the quality of their customer care agents and security experts who can confidently answer any question. In addition to self-monitoring, Frontpoint is capable of monitoring your home 24/7 with their remote monitoring service. If you aren’t into cell phone apps and technology, you can just set up the equipment and let Frontpoint’s knowledgeable experts handle the monitoring process.

Versatile text and email alerts as well as FREE mobile apps make Frontpoint an attractive home security option for the tech-conscious consumer. As you might have noticed, we love all things technology — and between the latest mobile monitoring technology and live video monitoring and alerts we were thoroughly impressed with Frontpoint Security’s self-monitoring capabilities.

Setup and Ease Of Use

Frontpoint Security offers easy self-installation, which is our preferred method of setup. You get to customize your system and activate and install it!

Setup doesn’t require an array of technical knowledge. It is helpful to have a basic background in computers, but — for the most part — setting up a custom system with various cameras, monitors, and the control panel was about as easy as installing and setting up a new printer.

Fortunately, Frontpoint offers a variety of helpful setup guides and detailed video instructions right on their website. They have excellent installation guidelines for all their home security system components. Take a look at the impressive resources offered in the Support section on their website. Below is an example of one of their cool videos.

Frontpoint Security Reviews – Conclusion

Are there downsides?

Very minimal. Equipment costs are not all covered up front and there is a basic contract that you have to sign. This practice, however, is common with a majority of the best home security providers.

We love Frontpoint Security’s RISK FREE 30 DAY GUARANTEE, which means that you can order right now, set up the system using their easy-to-follow instructional guides and test it in your home for up to 30 days because you have to continue with your contact.

Finally, Frontpoint is ranked in our top tier primarily due to the array of technology they offer, the customizable nature of their system and their first-class support from their security pros. Consider taking a look at their website right now and calling to consult a helpful Frontpoint customer service associate who can tell you more about this excellent home security system.

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