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Vivint ranks third on our list of the best home security systems. These guys have a lot of great ideas, and they might be just right fit for you.

So, what is Vivint, and why might it be the right system for you? Well, its high tech and high quality. Our Vivint review notes they are one of the largest home automation companies in the market today and boast services to over 850,000 customers. They are dedicated to helping their customers live intelligently by providing simple technology for a smarter life.

If you pick this system, just make sure you know it is something that you want. There is true value in the price of the product, but you only get 3 days to confirm its right for you after receiving it.

If you purchase this system, be prepared to turn your home into a remote controlled castle! But don’t take my word for it, learn more by visiting their website.

Vivint Reviews – Quick Overview:

  • For the Buyer that Needs It All!
  • Known as the Highest Quality System
  • More Than Just Security
  • Long Contract & Short Refund Period
  • Credit History is Required
  • Green Energy Features
  • Save Money and Energy

Equipment, Security Features and Technology Overview:

What can you expect from Vivint? You can expect the best High-End System for home automation and security. You can expect monitoring, motion detectors, severe weather alerts, and even a mobile app. Did I mention that all of this can function with or without power?

When you order Vivint you will receive a touchscreen main control panel, cellular card that will install into the monitor, motion sensor, 3 wireless door and window contact sensors and a key fob that has the ability to arm and disarm the system.

With this system you will have 2-way communication capabilities and home alerts. Be prepared to be able to check this system from the convenience of you smartphone from nearly anywhere on the planet.

But this is more than just your typical home security system. Vivint is also Smart Home technology. It will monitor the efficiency of your house and help you to save on your utility bills. It can test for spikes in heat and smoke and even alarm you of intrusion. For the full experience, make sure to visit their website and have a look for yourself.

Monitoring Options and Service:

Even the most basic system from Vivint includes a touchscreen control panel and home surveillance system! This system is called the Vivint 2GIG Go!Control Wireless. With a wireless plan, be ready for Smart Home automation features. There is even a camera option that allows you to pan and tilt the camera to change the view and assist in your security needs.

The system is cellular-based. You do not need a broadband or landline connection to use this equipment. This is what helps to make the system wireless and more difficult to disable than wired systems. In the event of an emergency, you can use the control panel’s intercom feature to talk with a Vivint representative.

Setup and Ease Of Use

Yes, this system is flexible and you’re paying for quality. The company takes their product and customers seriously; their contractual period is a little longer than other providers and they require you pass a credit check, but it’s all transparent and up front.

You need to take everything into consideration. This is more than just home security, it is a home automation system that is smart enough to alert you of severe weather warnings and help make your home more efficient in heating and electrical use.

So, this technology is easy to use and plenty exciting. While the system is top of the line, they require a Vivint professional to install the system in your home for a fee (but free installation promos are running all the time). The positive is you know it will be set up right.

Vivint Reviews – Conclusion

There is no doubt that Vivint is top-shelf stuff and it’s all backed by a solid company and operation. Some recent notable awards included: Women’s Choice Award ® for America’s Best Home Security System, Forbes list of “America’s Best Employers”, #1 on the UV50 list of Top Ten Economic Engines, and a whole lot more.

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